Welcome to B3

On April 29, 2017, my lifelong dream came true. I was officially an NFL football player.

Growing up on the eastside of Tacoma, getting here was all I could think about. And I can honestly say that the day I got drafted was one of the best days of my entire life.

But accomplishing my dream came with an even greater sense of responsibility, and an even larger platform upon which to create a legacy much bigger than football. A responsibility to give back to and invest in the communities that raised and shaped me. And so, starting the B3 Foundation was one of the first things I began working on after the draft.

My foundation will work to support kids, both academically and athletically, in the three communities most important to my own development as a man. It is my mission to help kids achieve their dreams in the same way that I did, not necessarily as professional athletes, but as college-educated leaders with the world at their fingertips.

In Tacoma, the city that raised me. In Los Angeles, the city that shaped me as a Trojan, a leader and a man. And in Guam, my mom’s home, the source of my heritage, and the place that taught me the strength and importance of community.

To everyone who has supported me along my journey, thank you. And to everyone who is ready to join the B3 Foundation as we invest in the future of kids around the world, let’s do this!

Biba Guahan and Fight On!

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