26 May
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A Tacoma Homecoming

In my first visit back to Tacoma after being drafted by the Colts, I was invited to visit the middle school that my mom, my little brother and I had each graduated from. It was pretty fitting, since I was home that weekend signing the paperwork to officially launch the B3 Foundation with my board of directors. Our mission is to help kids in Tacoma, and what better way to start than by meeting some of them right where they’re at?

Thanks to the great team of faculty and staff at Gray Middle School (shout out to Mr. Trummert for making it possible), I was welcomed back to my middle school with the opportunity to speak to the next generation of Pilots about the importance of staying in school, goal-setting and persevering through tough times.

Ten years ago, I was exactly where those kids are sitting today. I always dreamed of being in the NFL, but I realized that school was just as important, and I had people in my life who made sure I knew that too. Now, I want to encourage kids of that same message, and to be a role model not just as an NFL player but as a college graduate too.

My visit to Gray MS was just the beginning of what B3 plans to do in Tacoma, and I’m excited to get to work. I couldn’t have asked for a better homecoming.

Check out my speech below and photos from my visit to Gray MS in our photo gallery.


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