14 Jul
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Banner’s Cameo Proceeds Donated to Pittsburgh Food Bank

One of the newest ways fans can access their favorite celebrities is Cameo, an app that allows you to buy personalized videos from athletes, musicians, actors and more. But when the COVID-19 crisis hit, Zach Banner wanted to do more with his Cameo platform than just bringing smiles to fans’ faces. Since mid-March, Banner has committed to donating all of his proceeds to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.

With all of the ways the coronavirus has impacted daily life, Banner wanted to address a basic and most important need: food. Local food banks are more important than ever before as families grapple with unemployment, homelessness and more. The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank shines as a reliable provider in the community and the Steelers OT is thrilled to contribute to their ongoing work of eliminating hunger.

To date, Banner has donated a total of $709 to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. That $709 is equivalent to 3,545 meals for those in need in the Pittsburgh community. He is committed to donating his Cameo proceeds through the COVID-19 crisis to help address food insecurity in Pittsburgh.

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